Playing Disney’s The Little Mermaid Reboot’s Ariel is Lindsay Lohan’s Dream Role

While many people dream of becoming a Disney princess, Lindsay Lohan wants to materialize it and bring her interrupted acting career to life. She wants a part of the action while Disney continues making live-action films from its animated classics.

With a snap of Lohan and the animated mermaid princess beside her, she had written on Instagram on Saturday that she would sing again as #ariel #thelittlemermaid. She said that @disney supported that #billcondon direct it with her sister @alianamusic singing the soundtrack’s theme song.

She also said that @kgrahamsfb, a trainer and Crossfit enthusiast, would play Ursula as she was the best. However Disney made no comments on the film nor replied to her post. She had often revealed in interviews that her dream role was playing Ariel and had used the social media to give a hint to Disney.

It is said that Disney executives had in summer 2016 discussed about a plausible live-action Little Mermaid movie. Broadway’s Hamilton creator Lin-Manual Miranda had told Vulture last November that he had preliminary talks about participating in the film after reports of his joining 1989 animated movie’s composer Alan Menken to draft its songs. Miranda had acted and composed music for Disney’s Moana recently.

Lin-Manuel disclosed that he still had no idea of his role in The Little Mermaid. He said that presently he was just the guy who wore the ‘don’t mess it up’ hat but that it would be great if he could sign a contract with that job description.

It was Lohan’s spectacular performance in the 1998 Disney movie The Parent Trap, and the 2004 cult film Mean Girls, which gained her recognition. Except for a few small roles over the years, her personal and legal problems over 10 years ago have brought a pause to her acting career.

Lohan has recently avoided Hollywood and lived abroad in the past months and now has an unknown foreign tone. Lohan updated her post a day after Jon Favreau and Disney Studios revealed on social media that the reset Lion King live-action he was directing had Donald Glover as Simba while James Earl Jones continued as Mufasa.

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