Prince William and Duchess Middleton said to be expecting child number 3

It seems like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are having a fine year. Sources are now indicating that the couple is expecting a third child. This will not come as particularly shocking to many people, as the pair has said time and again that they want a large family. Now William and Kate have two children, and it seems that the family tree is in a rich vein of form. George and Charlotte are growing nicely around fellow royalty, and 2017 looks to be the year in which they get to welcome their sibling. Kate is now three months along.

The entire royal family is said to be having a Christmas to boot, particularly after Kate and William had them all meet up at the Queen’s residence in London for the news. All prominent members of the extended family were there, and everyone couldn’t hold back their excitement upon learning of the import of the announcement. The Duke and Duchess are said to be on cloud nine, seeing as they have been awaiting this moment for quite some time now. It is now known that the next child from the couple is a son. There have been rigorous tests, so they know the doctors got it right.

Contrary to the other times Kate has been pregnant, she is not feeling sickly this time round, with the first trimester slowly coming to an end. There is the feeling that this is going to be a smooth pregnancy, seeing as there have been no difficulties so far. Reputable media sources in Britain are now saying that the fact that the pregnancy has been incident-free could be the reason why the family sees no need to hold a public press conference and announce the turn of events; they are perfectly happy keeping things under wraps until it is necessary to put the public in the loop.

It seems as though 2017 is going to be a year of massive changes for the William section of the royal family. Apart from the fact that a new prince is on the way, there are also reports that 3-year-old prince George is moving to a school in London. This means that the entire family is moving along with the young one, seeing as they always want to be close to him to provide support. Looks like getting the nursery ready is going to be just a little part of Kate’s responsibilities for 2017.