The Most Private Couple in Hollywood Goes Public

It’s official.  The most private couple in Hollywood have confirmed their relationship. It’s been 4 years since their apparent closeness at a party sparked rumors, and now the two have been photographed together, holding hands and walking on a beach. And we think it’s getting pretty serious.

They’ve been flying under the paparazzi radar for so long, that we can’t figure out if this was a planned outing or if they were just in the moment and momentarily let their guard down. were the first to snap these photos.  The two were strolling along the beaches of Malibu on Labor Day holding hands.  Holmes was pictured in a flowing summer dress, sunglasses and a brimmed hat.  Foxx donned a black T-shirt, track pants and also accessorized with sunglasses and a hat.

The pair have only been photographed in the same place at the same time three times.  One was in 2013, when they boogied at a charity benefit in the Hamptons.  The second time was a barely-visible grainy pic of the two at a recording studio, their fingers were intertwined while Katie checked her phone.  And the third time, and most awkward, was in April of 2006, when they were pictured on either side of Tom Cruise on the sidelines at a football game.

The two lovebirds met in 2005, when Foxx won his Oscar for the movie Ray.  He was also up for Best Supporting actor for his role in Collateral—a movie that Tom Cruise starred in.  The two actors became friendly while shooting the film, and that led to Foxx’s introduction to Holmes.

They have been rumored to have had a secret relationship for the last four years, and it turns out they were. Multiple sources told E! News that the rumors were true and it was “not a secret among their friends.”

In the last year, the two have started to come out of the shadows.  According to sources, they went to Mexico in December to celebrate their birthdays (which are only 5 days apart)

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