The Real Reason Jesse Williams is Getting a Divorce Will Bother You

There’s been some creeping going on, and not in a good way.  Rumors have been circulating about the reason Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams and his wife, artist Aryn Drake-Lee, are getting divorced.  According to a source at Page Six, Jesse Williams has had a famous mistress on the side since last summer, just months before the birth of his youngest child.

The Grey’s actor is rumored to be seeing Minka Kelly for almost a year now.   And sources close to the actors say the two are dating and “in lust.”  They were recently photographed together in France where they’re working on a video game together.

This post is from Minka Kelly’s Instagram page.  The alleged couple is sitting with a friend, but they still look pretty chummy.




How does his wife feel about this?  Aryn’s taking it all in stride.  She’s not at home crying, but rather moving on and paying attention to her priorities like a mother with two children would do.  She’s spending time with family and friends and building a name for herself in the art world.  We wish her all the best.


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