Reports Disclose that Jemima Kirke of Girls’ fame and her husband Michael Mosberg have separated

According to the latest news on the grapevine, it looks like Jemima Kirke and her husband Michael Mosberg’s marriage has come to an end.

Michael, a 45-year-old lawyer and the 31-year-old actress Jemima, who plays Jessa on HBO’s Girls, were married for seven years. They have two children between them- their daughter Rafaella Israel aged 6 and their son Memphis aged 4.

The public and other additional resources have recently declared that the two had split and gone their ways. However, there was no information about when the breakup occurred, and neither have the two given their comments about the matter.

It was last at a celebrity event organized at the Keep a Child Alive Black Bell in New York City in November 2015 that Mosberg and Kirke were photographed together. Not only is Mosberg a lawyer, but he is also the founder of the Hook Recovery Center in Brooklyn.

It was during a candid interview which was published by The Telegraph, the UK newspaper, that Kirke had spoken so freely about her husband. The issue which was released in February 2016 mentioned that the first time that they had met was during her second session she had spent in a rehab center.

Kirke, just like the character she plays on Girls, had gone through a battle with substance abuse where her addiction had started when she was in her teens. She also told the paper that the main reason for her not disclosing this, or speaking about it before was because she wasn’t sure what was happening with her.

She said that once you went to a rehab and came out of it, you get the impression that you are an addict. While she never felt that the label befitted her, she was afraid that if she succumbed to it, she would eventually end up right back at square one, where she had started. She said that that was the message you got if and when you went to these facilities.

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