Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Capture Two Month Check Up With A Kiss

On Tuesday, reality TV star Rob Kardashian took to Instagram to show the world the two month checkup milestone for baby dream Kardashian. This came as no surprise considering fans have had a front row glimpse of dream’s life from the time of birth.

This rare family moment was captured by Chyna and shared on her Instagram with the caption “check up with Dream,,Daddy and I’”

This cute photo was later reposted by Rob who has proven himself to be a doting father since the birth of Dream. In their new show Rob and Chyna Rob never hid his desire to have a boy, he says and I quote “it’s all I ever wanted” to be a daddy that is. But he has clearly learnt to adore his daughter dream who is the only Kardashian grandchild in the lineage.

In his post he captions the moment with “dreamy Dream got her first shot today. I wanted a boy so bad and now she is two months old …….I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

This comes amid the constant chaos and fights that mark his relationship with Chyna. A couple weeks ago Rob took to Instagram with photos of an empty house claiming that Chyna had left with everything they owned. This was later taken down with a post of him apologizing and blaming the allegations on a mental breakdown and a reunion of the couple.

Chyna has remained focused on regaining her pre-baby weight and going about her regular businesses. The mother of two did her first appearance two months after having baby Dream over the weekend, nailing it in a skin tight dress. The I OAK club in Las Vegas is constantly frequented by the Kardashians being the club where Scott Disick had his birthday earlier in the also happens to be the same club Momager Kris Jenner had her 59TH BIRTHDAY.

When asked how she felt about being away from Dream she pointed out that it’s not very scary to be away from Dream as she has tons of help and that Vegas wasn’t that far anyway. She also included that having carried a baby for close to 10 months she was clearly ready to hang out.

We are all looking forward to catching more milestones in the life of our newest Kardashian, Dream, who happens to be very cute to say the least.

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