Rosario Dawson Finds Her Cousin Dead in Her Home

Actress Rosario Dawson was in her Venice Beach home when she walked downstairs to find her 26-year-old cousin Vanez Ines Vasquez, unresponsive.


According to TMZ, Dawson got the shock of her life that day.  She immediately called the paramedics in an effort to save her cousin.  The paramedics transferred Vasquez to the hospital but could not revive her.  Tragically, she died, at the young age of 26.


Vasquez worked as Dawson’s assistant and was often photographed with her at events.  Vasquez had no history of drug or alcohol abuse but had been suffering recently from migraines and hypertension.  TMZ reports that her autopsy results reveal she died of natural causes but the toxicology reports are still pending.

The 26-year-old’s mother, Lisa Centeno posted a heartfelt message about her daughter on Facebook.

Dawson is reportedly devastated by this news because she has always been close with her family.  She openly talks about the fact that she never met her biological father.  She was raised by her mother Isabel and she is very close to her mother’s side of the family.  The Daredevil actress was still fortunate to have a father figure in her life because her mother met a man while she was 8 months pregnant.  The two fell in love, got married, and he adopted Dawson as his daughter.

TMZ reached out to Rosario and her cousin’s family, but they did not wish to release a statement at this time.

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