Russell Brand Says That Fatherhood Was The Most Wonderful Thing

Though 41-year-old Russell Brand has become a dad now, he has not changed much and is still the same person when it comes to things like his sense of humor.

The British comedian and his fiancé, and actor from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, had announced the birth of their first child, a baby girl they named Mabel in November last year.

It was when Brand was asked what was the best thing about becoming a father that he had told ITV News on Wednesday that he thought becoming a father was comparable to having something else more important to you besides yourself and West Ham United.

Brand has been a fan of the West Ham United F. C. soccer team for a long time. According to him, fatherhood was the most wonderful thing and the best experience that could happen to a man. He had also agreed that he now had a completely different vision and perception of the future and the world.

He said that he did see things differently in some ways.

It was at his London district center, the Trew Era Café, that Brand had made these comments while launching a new job utility for people recovering from addictions and ex-offenders. The new utility was started with the assistance of the rehabilitation non-profit organization RAPt and the job agency, Blue Sky.

It was through a picture of Brand acting like he was reading a parenting book that he had announced that he was becoming a dad last July. He then spoke about fatherhood in an interview with the ES magazine a few months later. This was when he had mentioned that he wished his child did not trouble him as much as he had troubled his own parents, especially because he was a rather naughty little boy when small!

He had also said that he always felt that he could do whatever he wanted to do, which may be attributed to his mother’s sense of devotion and his father’s positivity and ‘can-do’ sense.

It was during one of his standup comedy shows in November that Brand had announced that Gallacher had given birth.