SEAN PENN Alleged Stalker Arrested

Sean Penn stalker has been finally arrested. Sean reports she popped up at his house twice before she was arrested. He is known to be a low-lying celebrity. Very few of his fans or close friends know about his where about at any given time. But, not to a woman who was stalking her for so long. The fan, who was arrested, is a woman who had tried several times to reach Sean. She had tried a total of 50 times before she even made her final efforts to pop up in Sean’s house.

Most celebrities, Sean included, have fans who love them and are willing to do anything to be close to them. There are also others who can follow up the celebrities with bad intentions. It is not known whether the woman who was stalking Sean had any bad intentions or she was just possessed with him. Even if you love a certain celebrity, stalking is not accepted. You can be charged in the court of law due to stalking someone. It happened to the stalker. She was charged and released on bail.

Reliable information from law enforcers tells TMZ that cops picked the woman from Sean Malibu home. Sean took the initiative to inform the police after the woman swung into his Malibu home twice in a period of two days. The first time when the woman entered Sean’s home, he was in the home, and he contacted the police to file a report. In this year alone, Sean told the cops the same woman had tried a total of 50 times to contact him either by email or phone. It seems the woman was determined to get in touch with Sean. When the woman realized things were not going the way she was expecting, she decided to avail herself in Sean’s home when things went wrong. She found herself in the hands of law enforcers.

When the woman tried to enter Sean’s home for the second time, Sean was not around but someone else called the police, and she was finally arrested and charged with felony stalking. It is not clear whether Sean was in his home the second time when the woman was arrested. The woman is a 51-year-old lady who believes she has a romantic relationship with Sean.

The woman was released the next day on bail. She had to pay $150k bail to secure her release. The bond indicated how serious the offense was.