Selena Gomez loses Bella Hadid Instagram following After Spotted Kissing The Weeknd

Looks like Selena Gomez has lost a famous follow because of her kiss with The Weeknd. Photos of the singers enjoying a long, 3-hour date at the Giorgio Baldi, Santa Monica’s hotspot, and kissing outside as they waited for their car, made their rounds earlier today.

A source did tell us that there wasn’t anything serious between the two and that it was something new. However fans do wonder what it’s repercussions were on the Weeknd’s ex Bella Hadid. We found our answer this afternoon after a bit of researching and social media hunting when we noticed Bella had unfollowed Selena on Instagram.

Though no one knows the exact reason for this, we have compiled a few facts about these two. A source disclosed to E! News long before the unfollow that though Selena and Bella were acquaintances, they weren’t the best of friends. This means that the kiss between The Weeknd and Selena wasn’t because Selena stealing her friend’s man or The Weeknd’s stint at making Bella jealous.

The internet simultaneously managed to dig up another picture from Immy Waterhouse dated September 2015 where you could see Bella and Selena with a group of common friends. Cosmopolitan states that Bella especially liked that picture welcoming Selena to Instagram after her absence from the public eye.

Regarding why Selena and The Weeknd had decided to go out together, a source states that the couple didn’t actually bother if everyone learnt about them. In fact, another source mentioned to E! News that The Weeknd had always had a soft corner for Selena. He considered her to be a really skilled and sexy-looking woman. So though it looks like they had started talking only recently before the holidays, The Weeknd had had Selena on his radar for some time now.

Another inside piped in that they both had the same thoughts about expectations, and each considered the other to be a really fun person to be with. The couple is in fact taking things slow, and all the time needed to get to know each other better.

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