Selena Gomez & Maluma Follow Each Other on Instagram

Selena Gomez is an American singer and actress who got is fame after his debut TV series Barney & Friends. This led her to the enormous fame after which she chooses the path of the singer. She also worked in Disney feature Wizards of Waverly palace. Over the year Selena has given some of the lovely hits Albums such as ‘Come & Get it’ and ‘Revival’. She has also acted in some of the best movies like ‘Ramona and Beezus’ and ‘Monte Carlo’. It’s no secret that Selena is one of the dashing personality who is also the Social Media freak.

She regularly been active on social media and have a large number of followers on twitter and Instagram. She holds the record of having the highest number of Instagram followers. She regularly uploads her photos which we sure like it!
Celebrities are the one to be in the news all the time and Selena Gomez is one of them. Selena has the most Insta followers so when she follows someone on Instagram it is the news for everybody, especially if this someone is Chantaje fame singer Maluma. Selena not only follows the Colombian hunk, but she also liked one of the pictures uploaded by Maluma. This grew up the gossips between the fans of both sides, which also led them pretty confused. After Selena like his Photo, Maluma didn’t stay far behind.

He immediately follows Selena and liked her post too which had the captioned “Vente Pa’ca,”. This has also been the title of Ricky Martin and Maluma’s song. This also raised the question among the fans whether they are hinting towards the remix of the track.
Maluma who had recently given the Spanish hit “Vente Pa’ca” with Ricky Martin is also the guy to be looked for. It is said that he is planning for the remix version of it with the help of Selena.

While some fans judged that they may be planning for something new.
Meanwhile, one fan also tweeted, ” If Selena Gomez dates our Colombian guy than I can die happy” and another guy tweeted ” Maluma feat.Selena Gomez”
Who knows what going on behind the scenes. The fans too are pretty much confused about why these two stars are following each other. However, it will be great to see this young duo together.

Selena and Maluma had not talk about the situation yet and Entertainment sitcoms are regularly contacting them to open about the situations. However, they did not feel that its the right time for to talk. Stay tuned to be updated.

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