Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s Date Sealed with a Romantic Rooftop Kiss

Nothing can be cuter than hearing about the details of The Weeknd and Selena Gomez’s romantic rooftop kiss during their night date on Thursday, January 19th. The Weeknd, 26 and Selena Gomez, 24, just don’t seem to get sufficient of each other!

They were spotted at the Tenants of the Trees Club in Los Angeles where according to an exclusive source for, they had behaved just like a couple. While they kept things rather discrete, they did mingle with some people and looked to be enjoying themselves.

The informant stated that the pair had come in quite late and had chosen a private table at the pagoda style covered region. They were smooching while she kept stroking his back. It’s difficult forgetting how cute the pair looked. The informant stated that Selena had also spoken to the DJ Allie, who was performing at the main lounge, and with another female acquaintance. They had then taken selfies together while giggling and pulling faces.

It looked like the pair was growing successful together and that both Selena and her partner were having a great time as they looked comfortable with each other. Selena seems to enjoy her new man’s company. As they had each other’s picture as their phone’s screensaver, it was quite clear that the two were totally in love.

Another informant stated that The Weeknd thought Selena looked attractive and had repeatedly appreciated her beauty and that The Weeknd called Selena ‘his dream girl’. Selena too couldn’t overcome how well Abel had treated her. A source said that she considered him to be a real gentleman and that she loved the way he had treated her like a queen whenever they were together. This was what we had wanted to hear! Go for it girl!

The start of the couple’s romance was when The Weeknd and Selena were spotted locking lips in front of Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, on January 10th. Everyone was shocked by the news of their affair, including Abel’s ex the 20-year-old Bella Hadid. Not only had they separated about two months ago, but the beautiful model also put herself in an uncomfortable position as Selena was Bella’s sister Giga Hadid’s friend!

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