Selena’s Father Sues Her Widower To Stop Production On TV Series!

Most late legends relatives find themselves in disputes while trying to monetize the legend’s legacy. Selena’s family is facing a conflict where the father has sued her widower asking her to stop TV series production.

It was in the last few months when it was announced that the songstress husband by the name Chris Perez would start producing a television show. The TV show was to be about Selena his late wife. The series was to be based on To Selena with love.

But, not all family members are contented about the upcoming series. The rest of Quintanilla is taking a legal action to stop the production. The legal action has been taken against Perez due to contract violation.

Abraham Quintanilla who is a father to the Queen of Tejano, is suing Perez his son in law and his company engaged in production. Endemol Latino is the company being sued alongside Perez. The father is suing the company to stop the production hence prevent the series from being watched on TV screens. After the announcement about the series, most people were eager to watch the series on TVs. But, due to the lawsuit, it can be hard or even impossible for the much-awaited tv show to be viewed by different fans who were eagerly waiting.

The lawsuit which has been launched claims that Perez and his company violated the contract while developing the series. The agreement states that the property which belonged to Selena belongs to her family as well.

The lawsuit goes further to claim that Perez book was unauthorized. The authorization implies any adaptations of Selena’s work are strictly forbidden. The trial has opened a court struggle between the two parties. People are watching closely to learn about what the court will decide. This is not the only case involving celebrates where the legend with is being disputed. There are several other lawsuits out there, but they are decided finally. Let’s wait to see how the case will conclude.

Countless fans will like to see the memory of Selena. It is with great hopes that many fans are wishing the two to reach some agreement so that the series can be aired for the fans to have a chance of following the legend life. The music icon is admired by many fans from different walks of life. For now, let’s keep watching Jenifer Lopez’s flawless reincarnation on the big screen as we wait for the lawsuit to be settled.