The Sex Scenes In These 30 Films Were Actually REAL

Nudity and sexually explicit scenes have been included in movies since the advent of the moving picture. Silent films quickly advanced from clips of moving trains to skin flicks like the French film Le Coucher de la Mariee starring Louise Willy performing a striptease of sorts in 1899.

Yes, our great-great-great-grandfathers wasted no time figuring out how to use an innovative new technology for porn.

By the time films with sound and intricate narratives started coming out, directors wanted to portray the scenes with as much realism as possible without getting into the category of pornography. This caused a bit of a problem, because where do you draw the line?

On November 1, 1968, the Motion Picture Association of America answered that question when it instituted its film rating system whereby three different organizations monitor the content and adult themes in a film and assign it a designated rating. The system is completely voluntary, but a rating in the R category (or beyond) is going to limit a film’s marketability, and thus, the amount of money it can make.

Filmmakers have to delicately tread that line of art and exploitation. Using carefully crafted camera angles, directors can skirt the ratings system by obscuring sexual acts and (ahem) body parts, earning their flick a solid, box office friendly PG-13.

But other filmmakers push the limits for the sake of art and create scenes that are almost too real to believe. And while most graphic sex scenes in mainstream or independent films are simulated, there are a few where the actors are actually doing the dirty.

Here are 30 non-pornographic films in which the actors are actually performing unsimulated sexual acts on camera. Most of these flicks are very niche, but if you ever came across one on IFC late at night and thought that sex act looked a little too real, chances are good it really was.

Parental guidance is suggested.

30. Ken Park (2002)

One of the characters in this erotic film about rambunctious California teens gets into a forbidden relationship with his girlfriend’s mother. The relationship continues to heat up as he continues to hang around her family as if nothing is going on between the two. Also, every sexual scene in the film is completely real.

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