The Sex Scenes In These 30 Films Were Actually REAL


24. Intimacy (2001)

This film follows the weekly exploits of two strangers who gradually develop stronger feelings for each other. Many of the contentious scenes between Mark Rylance and Kerry Fox are 100% real. Fox has no regrets when it comes her role in the film, and believes it to be one of the finest performances of her career.

23. Baise-Moi (2000)

Leave it to the French to push the limits of filmmaking in this suspenseful thriller from the turn of the century. The film’s title can be translated a few different ways, from “kiss me” to something a lot more graphic and violent. This is definitely not a film for everybody.

22. Anatomy Of Hell (2004)

Catherine Breillat directed this Italian project that includes scenes that may be a little too graphic and promiscuous to most people. Still, it has received critical acclaim. The film stars Italian adult film star Rocco Siffredi, so you know he used his acting talents to give the sexually explicit scenes all he’s got.


21. 8MM2 (2005)

As if the first installment of this film (which starred Nicolas Cage) wasn’t intense enough. 8MM2 follows the exploits of a politician, his wife, and a Hungarian prostitute after a man threatens to expose his sexual deviancy. Every sexual scene in this film about the underground world of pornography and high society is absolutely unsimulated

20. The Idiots (1998)

The Idiots is about a group of adults who attempt to escape societal norms by discovering their “inner idiots” while living in their suburban home by engaging in multiple sexual relationships with each other. Director Lars von Trier is known for filming real-life sex scenes in otherwise mainstream films, and this flick is no different.

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