Shocking Photos of Celebrities Then & Now

Aging is a natural process, and just like the rest of us, celebrities are not exempt. Whether it’s aging like a fine wine, or decomposing like a fruit that’s past it’s prime, here’s how time has altered these stars.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
It’s true, actors age too.

Barbara Walters
Barbara still looks amazing for her age. Don’t you agree?
Bono when he was beginning his career. He totally rocks, literally!

Clint Eastwood
Clint definitely had the “summer bod” back in the day.
Dolly Parton
Even though her hair has gotten smaller she is still an amazing person and artist.

Geena Davis
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! We all know and love her, even if she has aged.

George Clooney
Handsome then and handsome now. Time has treated him well.
Goldie Hawn
A beautiful young model. The times have changed and now her daughter, Kate Hudson takes her place.

Jack Nicholson
Yes, He has aged and maybe it wasn’t in his favor, but thank you Jack, for being an amazing actor.
Joe Pesci
Three words, Home Alone Burglar. We watch you every holiday season and love it!

Kirstie Alley
She was definitely a super hot model back in the day.

Liza Minnelli
I think she has done well keeping up with age. What do you think?
Oh, Madonna! You have changed the pop industry with your crazy style. We love you for you! Plus, you look amazing!

Nicole Kidman
She rocked the curly hair in the ’70’s and she rocks the sleek look in the 2000’s.
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah what can we say, you look and are amazing.

Pamela Anderson
She’s still got it! Running on the beach and looking hot while doing it.