What do snakes and vaginas have in common? Nothing? Then it’s about time you changed your line of thought if the latest Sofia Richie stunt is anything to go by.

As it turns out, Sofia Richie, popular American model, and daughter of America’s heartthrob Lionel Richie, has a few hours ago appeared completely topless on Complex Magazine with an enormous snake draped over her shoulders and neck– her craziest photo shoot yet. According to the 18-year-old, the tail of the huge reptile went straight into her vagina at some point!!

Fans say the spread is too hot to handle, but one thing’s for sure; this is going to be a looong week for Lionel. As for Justin Beiber, Sofia’s ex-boyfriend, he must be wondering, “Dang!! This chick’s got guts!!”

On the cover photo, clad in a revealing nude bikini and snakeskin boots, Sophia flaunts her amazing abs and an eye-catching cleavage, leaving little or nothing to imagination. In yet another photo, the daring Sofia wears a black swimsuit that reveals a huge chunk boob flesh, as yet another reptile writhes around her.

Her interview is just as spicy though there’s nowhere she mentions Beiber (her ex) by name. She still speaks of her love life nonetheless claiming it’s as interesting as we all think. For now, she lets out that she’s trying to focus more on family and career issues.

For a girl her age, her wisdom evidently stands, especially when she points out her ideal man – someone that understands and respects her. Also, someone who’s a good listener – even during her worst days. A piece of advice to fellow youngsters – you gotta love yourself first before you can love someone else. As to how she handles negativity on social media – she just focuses on the positives and ignores the rest.

Born in 1998 to Lionel Richie and ex-wife Diane Alexander in LA, California, Sofia is a model with a very promising future if her steadily rising career graph is anything to go by. She is the face of Madonna’s brand Material Girl, but according to her, her real passion lies in music. She has already written some songs of her own and is working on them together with her father. People are more than eager to listen to her songs; after all, she is the daughter of one of America’s top composers and singers.

As for her love life, it is rumored that she is currently dating Jake Andrews since he’s the guy currently all over her Instagram pics.