Strange Jobs of the British Royal Family

The existence of the British monarchy causes them a lot of grief. In an age of actual governance, the royal family is just a symbol of a bygone way of life. The Royal family’s antics and the scandals, as well as their lack of purpose in the governance of Britain, leaves them with nothing but scores of jokes. But, then again, imagining Britain without the Royal Family, is somewhat impossible. Though, the citizens of Britain are not really the subjects of Royal Family anymore, they don’t mind being their subject as long as they are getting the rights of citizenship. Anachronistic, right?

Though, just like Britain, there are other royal families around the world, who similarly are called the Royal families in the respective country. But, somehow, the Royal family of Britain is always seen to hold the baton when it comes to “Royal Family”. While the naysayers persist, and their impact over the government has decreased to downfold, but the fascination and aura of their popularity has never seemed to decrease even a bit. In fact, their global popularity has risen with the addition of Kate Middleton in their family. Not only Kate Middleton, but the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and the love life of Prince Harry has also created uproar in the Media, and hence, around the world. In the midst of their enhancing popularity, like a wood in the pyre, Netflix has rolled out a new TV series, The Crown, a supposed biopic of Queen Elizabeth II. This series is far from being the best TV series on Netflix, but has gained popularity.

Despite the millions who would be happy to do away with the monarchy once, and for all, question arises, what has the royals done for their subjects lately? Months ago, William was accused of being a reluctant royal, since he works for an air ambulance pilot. In an interview, Prince William has said that, Royalty is his day job, and it is a strange job indeed. It is an irony, that the Royals actually work. While we work, to earn our living, they work to keep their crown estate. It is true that they do not have to earn their daily expenses, but it will be unfair to say that they do not work at all. Even if they go to a fashion show or do a scripted reading, they are working to meet their obligation to the treasury.

A part of the contract, for being a member of the Royal Family and utilizing the public funds, is to stand, greet, wave, banter and issue remarks wherever a royal presence is required. One of the most primary and maybe the only requirement to be a member of the Royal Family is to, stay visible and honor tradition. It really doesn’t matter if their subjects care about the tradition or not. Yes, the Royal Family of Britain does have a strange job!

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