T Swift’s Squad: What Has Become of the Infamous Band of Girls?

Taylor Swift is no stranger to controversy. She has had a highly publicized career of relationships that have turned to hit songs like, “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “Back to December”. So when her buddy Selena Gomez was caught in a romantic affair with The Weeknd unknown to Bella Hadid, there were questions of how the singer’s squad could even carry on.

Since the news broke, it would appear that Bella and Selena have both taken their own fair share of swipes. However, Taylor has been hiding in the background, reportedly working on a new album. So there is no word on what her views are of Selena breaking the girl’s code about dating the ex of another.

What some keen observers have noted is the girl squad hasn’t been photographed in a long time together. Bella, Selena, and Taylor have all been living their own separate lives for some time. Bella has been working with her sister Gigi (who is dating Zayn Malik) on a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. While Selena has been back in the studio producing new music and exploring new opportunities also.

In fact, the last time that the group has even been with Taylor Swift at her house was for a Halloween event. While some random meetings have taken place among different members, this was the last time there was an obvious connection with the entire group.

Some have speculated the reasons as to why the squad is being seen less frequently together. Perhaps loose lips about Taylor played a part, or there may just be too much on everyone’s plate for some time.

No matter what the reason is, there is hope that the group will get back together for their summer antics as they have done in the past. Especially when Taylor swift has been close to dropping new music.

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