Tarek El Moussa Joins the Single Dads Club

The Flip or Flop star Tarek El Moussa was seen spending quality time with his two kids after clarifying all the reports on newspapers about his divorce with Christina El Moussa.

He used Instagram to gloat about his newly discovered friendship with another single father, Robert Drenk. Even his kids blended well with Drenk’s children, with signs of a strong friendship blossoming.

El Moussa had shared a photograph of his daughter riding with Drenk’s two girls sitting in a jeep with the message ‘Two #dads three #daughters and a pink jeep!! Hashtag#dadlife!! He also said he hoped readers enjoyed the mischief displayed on that night’s live feed and wrote ‘Me and @robertdrenk have so much #fun with our #girls! It’s nice to find another #amazing # dad to share our fun with!”

Drenk, the founder of the Ultimate Armwrestling League, had also shared pictures of he spending time with his daughters and El Moussa’s girl. He also said that he was very excited about the formation of this new little single dads club.

He had written, “Had a blast with @drenkgirls and @therealtarekelmoussa ‘Tay tonight! He said that though Tarek did run them hard, according to Drenk, they had won. Tarek! #dadsrock #dadsanddaughters #daddydaughternight.”

Many people are still wondering about the reason behind the sudden split of two of the biggest stars on HGTV. However, it was after In Touch published a story that disclosed that El Moussa derived pleasure in embarrassing his wife through several verbal attacks that El Moussa decided to speak out.

He had written, and shared the message that no matter whatever fake news, gossip and lies were hurled at him by the thoughtless paparazzi using information gathered from unknown sources, he would still concentrate on his priorities, which were co-parenting their children and developing their business on his social media pages.

The El Moussas had married in the year 2009 and had announced their separation on Dec. 12th 2016. They had announced that they promised to move ahead with their professional life together even after splitting up.

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