Thanks to Sofia Vergara, Ariel Winter is Posing Confidently Topless

Ariel Winter, former child star of Modern Family, is now 18. She wants to show everyone how proud she is to grow from a thin, flat-chested 12-year old to a curvaceous lady by stripping down for a topless photo spread with Self. Does revealing her voluptuous curves make her tense with what the bashers and body-shamers would say? Not a bit! Thanks to Sofia Vergara she loves her body!

Growing up before the eyes of her audience was tough. Her self-esteem suffered from all the challenges. She said, “I had a hard time finding confidence within myself.” The changes – growing into a D cup and a bigger butt – didn’t help as everything else, including her waist, was growing. Dealing with her growth changes was an unforgettable phase in her life.

Cyber cullies and trash-talkers made sure she had a rough time. She recalls, “It was hard for me in the beginning to deal with people’s comments and deal with everybody having an opinion on absolutely everything I did.” Falling prey to these cyber-bullying and trash talk was easy, but it prompted the young Winter to want to change for the better.

Finding self-acceptance and peace and ignoring criticisms came easier with a role model like Sofia Vergara, a voluptuous woman who is proud of the way she looks. Seeing Winter’s struggles, Vergara came up to her, offering her wisdom and tips, such as “Wear whatever you want, and feel good about yourself,” or “Here are some brands that would look good on our body type.”

The 18-year old has learned how to stay positive despite criticisms and judgments. These she still get when her photos on an awards ceremony or what she casually wears in her free time make it to the news. She acknowledges that whatever she wears or does, she will still be talked about and criticized. She quips, “They kind of glorify and objectify a lot of the things that I do, and I wish people would just see me as. The normal 18-year-old that I am… I’m just being me. I wish people would see that.”

So, what kind of remarks would Ariel Winter expect from this topless photo? Honestly, she doesn’t really care!

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