Think Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are the Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio of this 2017 award season?

Last year, the 88th annual academy awards proved to be one of the most historical seasons of all as Leonardo DiCaprio has finally been able to snatch a victory for his much-coveted Best Actor award. After the announcements, the audience shook the Dolby Theater with their thunderous applause and standing ovation for DiCaprio. In the midst of this gleeful celebration was Kate Winslet, who just said everything with the look on her face. These two BFFs with their non-couple relationship is the epitome of the purest and truest Hollywood friendship ever. The sheer look of pride and recognition given to a beloved friend during one of his greatest achievements is something that will make anyone watching green with jealousy.

This time, it seems 2017 has given us a brand new Kate & Leo in the form of Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling’s friendship. There’s no other more heart-warming and exciting way to begin this awards season than with the Golden Globes Award, which allows us to be moved by the discovery of new films and talents. This year, Stone and Gosling, who both won their awards, relives the DiCaprio and Winslet moment all over again. There’s no denying the admiration and sense of pride they both feel for one another. What made these two similar couples so special is their undeniable chemistry and non-couple relationship that instantly captivated the hearts of their audience.

Similar to Winslet, Stone took on a number of acclaimed films before taking up her role in her blockbuster movies Easy A and Crazy, Stupid love. With these, the crowd has grown to love her sense of humor and chemistry with her onscreen partner, Ryan Gosling. All of the movies they’ve worked on together, from Crazy, Stupid Love to Gangster Squad and up to La La land left their fans wishing there were more.

Can’t help but ask for more? The great news about it all is that it’s only the beginning of the award season, which means there’s still more time to enjoy their chemistry and something more to look forward to.

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