Throwback Time! Celebrity Flashback Photos

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda posted a throwback pic of herself handing off a gift, celebrating her boyfriend Justin Long’s 36 birthday.
Chris Pratt
Before Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt was exposing this chest hair, flaunting major side burns, and trying to land an acting gig.
Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy throwing it back and sporting the message: “It’s not easy being cute,” while suffering from the chicken pox.
Cindy Crawford
Cindy posted her favorite Christmas card from 12 years ago of Presley and Kaia Gerber.
Diane Kruger
Even at 15 years old Diana was drop dead gorgeous! This picture is when she won the ‘Look of the year in Germany.’
Dita Von Teese
It’s crazy that this is the brunette from Burlesque at age 15 just sunbathing. She now prefers moon-bathing in a black swimsuit paired with diamonds.
Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady,/b>
These lovebirds are still living in the honeymoon phase. Gisele posted a throwback photo of their wedding day to celebrate their fifth-year anniversary.
Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth
We all have loved them on Glee, but before then they were the stars of the spell-binding Broadway play Wicked.
James VanDerBeek
“The eye of the tiger!” James throwing back some Karate moves.
January Jones
January posts a flashback pic just to show some love to her nine-year-old self.
Jared Leto
A throwback to Paris from the Thirty Seconds to Mars singer, Jared Leto who is returning to France with the band on February 14th to kick off their 2014 tour.
Jimmy Fallon
Bringing it way back to 1992, Jimmy Fallon hasn’t really changed much. Well, except that he now has a better hair-do.
Kim Kardashian
Kim shows that she was not camera shy at 9 years old. She poses with her school grade friend, Nikki Lund who is now a fashion designer. So cute!
Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick
A flashback of Kourtney and Scott goofing off and still “crazy in love.”
Lauren Graham & Connie Britton
Before Gilmore Girls, these chicks were just enjoying the ’90s as roomies.
Lenny & Zoe Kravitz
The rocker Lenny Kravitz showing some fatherly love to his daughter, Zoe by posting a cute throwback of the two.
Malin Akerman
Malin puts her fans to the test. Who can guess her age?
Mark Wahlberg
Mark is sporting his Celtics jersey, #33. Nothing has changed much.
Solange Knowles & Beyonce
Solange posted a pic after the elevator incident with her and Jay-Z, it’s of her and her big sister Beyonce wearing matching dresses.
Taylor Swift
She is so adorable, don’t you agree? Taylor at age four having an important phone call with her friend Brittany.