Tim Roth Reveals in an Interview that He Was Sexually Abused by His Grandfather

Cases of sexual abuse continue to dominate news circle, but it gets more traumatizing when it involves family members. Tim Roth has made a revelation in an interview with The Guardian, a U.K. based newspaper that he was sexually abused by his grandfather. The 5th December interview also highlights that Tim’s father was also a victim of the same abuse.

Touching on the directorial debut he made in 1999, The War Zone,’ Tim explains that he created it based on personal experience. Even though his father did not abuse him, the film still touches on the sexual assault of a family member. In The War Zone’ debut, a father abuses her daughter sexually which is close to what Roth went through.

Tim had a lot to say about his father, both in social and political life. He expressed his love for his father and compared him to a damaged soul. The Guardian reports that his father was funnier than f**k. Roth went ahead to say that his father was also abused as a kid. He goes further to clarify that his father did not abuse him, but they both went through the same abuser. From his statements, it is clear that the abuser was his grandfather, his father’s father.

According to the interview, Ernie Smith, his father, quit Communist Party in Britain in the 1970s due to the numerous sex scandals which rocked the party at that period. It was clear that Tim was trying to explain how such instances affects people later in life.

He called his grandfather a f****ng rapist and went further that they just kept quiet. Nobody had the language or knew what to do after what they went through. Tim revealed for the first time the identity of his abuser through this interview even though he had talked about it severally in the past. The 55-year old Pulp Fiction’ actor explains how it feels to grow up knowing that your abuser is a family member.

Tim Roth, known for roles in Hateful Eight and Reservoir Dogs as well as a series aired by Fox, Lie To Me, also touched on politics during this interview. Before Democrats nominations, Tim Roth supported Bernie Sanders but would later shift allegiance to Democrats flag bearer, Hillary Clinton. According to the Guardian, Roth said that he hates Trump and everything he stands represents. He went ahead to say that the president-elect should never be forgiven or forgotten he all he said in his race to State House.

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