Tom Cruise dies in the new Mummy Trailer

New horizons are opening for Tom Cruise with his latest role that he plays in the reboot of The Mummy! He is seen coming back from death and take on a thousand-year-old monstrous mummy in the streets of London.

With the release of the first official trailer for the reboot of The Mummy, the Oscar nominee actor Cruise is seen in full swing as he confronts an ancient princess who has been awakened from a burial chamber that lies beneath the desert.

The action packed trailer features Sofia Boutella playing the character of the enchanted princess Ahmanet, Russell Crowe playing the character of Dr. Jekyll and Annabelle Wallis as Jenny Halsey, the archaeologist. The trailer shows Cruise dying with a crashing plane in the first half, only to come back to life in a morgue in a state of surprise. He is also spotted expressing his concerns over the mummy where he says that he has seen her and she is real.

The trailer continues where Dr. Jekyll introduces the cursed princess to the world and sends a warning that she will claim what she had been denied. The creepy enemy of Cruise, Princess Ahmanet is seen getting herself transformed into a heinous monster with a pair of eyeballs in each eye, as she confronts Cruise in the middle of a chaos that has left the city in total wreck. The audience would feel the chill run down their spines as they watch the revived version of the old Mummy franchise movie and they hear the eerie message that welcomes them to a new world of gods and monsters.

The expectation was already set by Russell Crowe in May earlier this year that this movie would be much different from what it was years back when Brandon Fraser played the protagonist of the movie. As per his comment to Variety, the weekly entertainment trade magazine, this movie was designed to seriously scare the audience that would leave them dumbstruck with fear.

Although her onscreen presence has been designed to scare people out of their wits, Boutella has not caused any fear to any of the cast during the shooting of the film. The actress commented hilariously that being the oldest one there she is considered the mother on the set. She sounded quite amusing when she said that she was 5,000 years old and that what has earned her the extra reverence on the sets of the film. 

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