Why Has Tom Cruise Not Met Suri Cruise For Years

It’s been two years since Tom Cruise has last seen his daughter Suri, whom he had with his ex, Katie Holmes. What’s stopping him?

As per sources, Cruise has not been taking any interest in the daily life of his daughter. All the responsibilities of the child are on Katie who tries her best. InTouch, the gossip and entertainment news magazine also was told by insiders that even though Cruise is nearby, he shows no interest in seeing his daughter.

Followed by Jack Reacher (2012), Cruise’s career is on an upswing. The star has many upcoming flicks in production which include The Mummy reboot, MI6: Mission Impossible and many other. Owing to the busy schedule, Cruise also missed the 10th birthday of Suri, which also marked the third consecutive time that he had missed her birthday.

As per the custody arrangements, Holmes has the primary custody of Suri. Although she had urged for sole custody, the same was denied. As per the agreement, Tom would be allowed to visit Suri provided he adheres to the guidelines, one of them being to maintain confidentiality.

Cruise’s dedication towards the Church of Scientology may be an underlying reason that is stopping him from seeing his daughter. Tom may be thinking that Katie, who has been labeled as a suppressive person may have influenced her daughter in speaking adversely about Scientology, which is why he is keeping himself away from the mother daughter pair. It is also a policy of the church that one cannot keep in touch with someone who has committed a suppressive act. A suppressive act is basically the action of speaking negatively or going against the church, which Katie Holmes had done already.

Since their divorce in 2012, although Tom has remained single, but Katie has been dating Jamie Foxx who also is a former friend of Tom. It is speculated that Suri may have found her father in Foxx as she gets along pretty well with the new man in her mother’s life.

One cannot rule out the possibility that Tom may have been in constant touch with his daughter, but somehow the paparazzi missed it. While it was in September, 2013 when the dad was publicly spotted with his daughter, that does not confirm it that they have not met privately all this while. Considering the fact that Tom has hardly been captured behind the lens while spending time with Connor and Isabella (adopted with ex-wife Nicole Kidman), it is very much possible that he is ultra cautious about Suri’s privacy as well.