Tori Spelling and Her Family – Real Happiness all Around

Tori Spelling, the well-famed actress and author, who is pregnant at the moment, has definitely gone over the past infidelities of her husband, Dean McDermott. Spelling and McDermott shared their annual Christmas card with the media and with all the fans around the globe, and they all seem extremely happy. Notice the adorable faces of her two little girls? (note: add the photo here).

The former Beverly Hills star wrote on her editorial that she is “incredibly grateful for one more amazing year”. She also said that “she is the luckiest woman in the world to have such a good husband and such hilarious and funny little ones” (with another one on the way, we might add). For the first time ever, everyone in the picture seemed really happy.

As the favorite time of the year for most reality show stars, Tori Spelling is quite thrilled to be in the company of her entire family. To show the full picture, the Mystery Girls actress is excited to bake delicious cookies, decorate the tree, watch her family favorite movies and stick together for what promises to be the best Christmas and New Year’s Eve of her life.

Despite the happy atmosphere, Tori Spelling and her husband are well aware of the financial mess they’re in at the moment. They owe nearly 40k to American Express for an unpaid bill. To top it all, the amount of unpaid taxes is said to exceed 250k, which is huge, even for a celebrity. It’s no wonder that her family is bouncing from rental to rental. Property taxes can get really expensive in California.

Nevertheless, on the whole we are more than happy to see Spelling and her family doing well and being happy with their lives. It is obvious that she has finally managed to put her husband’s infidelities behind, and now she can enjoy life resting assured that he has eyes only for her.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott had their own share of struggles, but they have managed to overcome all challenges. Over the past year, they have expressed their appreciation for one another multiple times. One could say that this was due to the need to soften the reality of another pregnancy, but most would agree that the duo is staying on stable ground at the moment. For how long, only time can tell.

Once again, we’re thrilled to see Tori Spelling and her family being finally happy together. Looking and feeling great, that’s the spirit!

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