On Total Divas, Maryse has hard time explaining to win back The Miz’s trust

On Wednesday’s Total Divas episode it was not paradise anymore. Maryse had gone behind her husband’s back, The Miz, to buy a house. This added on her past mistake as she had recently adopted a dog despite the two agreeing there was no more room for animals.

While she tried to explain how good the market was for house buying, The Miz was so cold on her and the ‘trust’ is all gone to the drains. Will the two make up and be back to happiness? Let’s see.

Total Divas OMG moments as they unfolded

  1. Maryse adopts a dog and purchases a house all behind her husband’s back. Maryse adopted a dog even though her husband made it clear there was no more room for animals in their home. As if that was not gross enough, she buys a house without consulting him. The Miz cannot comprehend her behavior and he is obviously not going to trust her anymore.
  2. The Miz and Maryse make up, don’t they? After a fired up exchange, the two seem to agree that they should communicate more and better in the future. Maryse accepts that she should have consulted him. The hatchet seems to be buried.
  3. Brie strips for a sexy photoshoot! Since she thinks she is pregnant, Brie goes to LA for an ‘explicit’ photoshoot with her girlfriends. She wants to have a memory of her once good body before she gives birth.
  4. Brie wants a tattoo but Nikki won’t let her. It seems this is the weekend for Brie to have fun. She wants a tattoo before she becomes a mother. Nikki reminds her that fun time is not over and she will have plenty in the future. Her weekend is ruined.
  5. Brie is not pregnant! Brie’s home pregnant tests are negative but she could not believe it because her period is 2 weeks late. She goes to a doctor to confirm it, and yes it is negative.
  6. Finally, Trinity will be in a movie. Mark Carrano informs Trinity that she is going to be in a movie. She and The Miz’s will be in Marine 5 and she can’t wait for the opportunity.
  7. After their fight, Jon and Trinity make up. After the motorcycle riding drama, Jon has found a way to make it up to Trinity. He buys her a bouquet of flowers and a card. He tells her he has already bought a ticket to come and see as she begins her movie acting. She is happy and that marks the end of their feud.

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