Trump Star Vandal Does Community Service and Supports #BlackLivesMatter

Donald Trump was polarizing as a celebrity, and is even more so as a presidential candidate and now president of the United States. There have been many incidents reported about related to vandalism against his properties.

But do remember that guy who vandalized Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Here’s a recap. His name is James L. Otis of West Hollywood, California. In October, he used a sledgehammer to smash and a pick-ax to destroy then-presidential candidate Trump’s star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Otis was charged with felony vandalism and pleaded no-contest to the crime. As a result, he was fined the amount of $700 to the local chamber of commerce. He was also fined $3,700 payable to Hollywood Historic Trust. He was also sentenced to three years probation. His sentence was not limited to fines and supervision, he also had to complete 20 days of community service for Caltrans.

The now president was not too happy about the destruction of his star. Otis has had instances at Trump properties and is now banned as a result.

Video of his destruction of the star went viral on social media and made headlines throughout the country. Otis said he was “saddened and fed up by Mr. Trump,” and that’s why he vandalized the star. “The reason why I took the star was to auction it on Election Day, and raise as much money as I can for the women who have been exploited by Mr. Trump.” He also announced he wanted to sue to have the star removed.

As a part of his sentence for community service, Otis is removing garbage from freeways in Los Angeles.Otis is halfway completed with his 20-day court-ordered community service cleaning up roadsides. And he does so in support of Black Lives Matter wearing the shirt under his safety jacket. No word yet from Otis about his plans on activist activities.