What Turns The Weeknd On and Frightens Him About Marriage

Ever wonder what turns The Weeknd on? Good music!

It was recently that the singer had opened up and revealed some of his sexual thoughts and views about marriage. He had shown everything through the comments made in GQ’s February 2017 issue, a few days after his relationship with Selena Gomez went public.

He had spoken to the magazine in December about a month after his breakup with model Bella Hadid with whom he had had an on and off relationship for more than 18 months. He was projected as Chance the Rapper on GQ’s February 2017 cover.

GQ had nicknamed The Weeknd ‘the King of Sex Pop’ and had acknowledged some of his sexually inclined lyrics. He mentioned that most of his song lyrics contained lyrics based on personal experiences; and that he was psycho-sexually in a different place while writing the songs.

He mentioned that he was now more self-regulating than he was 4 years ago when he had started enjoying life. He said that he now didn’t focus as much on songs as he used to. He told GQ that while everything seemed amazing then, a good song seemed to turn him on much more. He said good songs got him horny.

The Weeknd or otherwise Abel Tesfaye gave fans a surprise on Tuesday when he was photographed kissing Selena outside a Los Angeles restaurant. Fans were shocked as the two were never pictured together in public before.

An informant told E! News that Selena and The Weeknd had first wanted to keep their relationship secret. However, they eventually decided that they didn’t care if people learned about them and their relationship. Another source mentioned that they were now taking things slowly, and were concentrating more on getting to know each other.

They, however, were not contemplating marriage as yet, and if they did, The Weeknd preferred discussing something else first. He told GQ that he was a person who preferred having kids before marriage as marriage was something scary to him.

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