Two New Tattoos Give Bella Hadid Her Personal Two Angel Wings

Look at who seems to be ready to take flight- none other than Bella Hadid! It has been disclosed by famous tattoo artist Jon Boy that his latest client to his tattoo parlor in New York was none other than the phenomenal supermodel who had requested for her own pair of angel wings.

He had also revealed pictures of her tattoo of two delicate black and white wings which she had tattooed inside both her ankles. He had also shown a picture of himself commemorating the moment with Hadid who was wearing a university jacket, suave leather pants and heeled boots.

While the real reason and inspiration for the wings is not known, a few possible reasons do come to mind.

It was last year that the 20 year old Hadid debuted on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with sister Gigi and her close friend Kendall Jenner. She had then shared a wholehearted message that she had finally managed to fulfill one of her childhood dreams.

She had then reminisced on Instagram that she felt excited and appreciative about such a dream coming true. She had also thanked Victoria for giving her a chance to walk alongside some of the most motivational and marvelous women in the world.

So this reason for the tattoo being a tribute to a long-lasting memory does seem logical.

Another possible reason for Bella getting her tattoo may be something related to her split-up with The Weeknd. The lovers who were together for some time had separated in November after the R&B singer was seen getting close with Selena Gomez. That was more than enough reason to make her feel disgusted about the situation.

A trusted source informed E! News that Bella still loved The Weeknd and had not gotten over him. The source also mentioned that while they were on good terms, she was still feeling bitter about his relationship with Selena and that Bella wasn’t pleased with the gossip circulating about The Weeknd and Selena.

So with a middle finger, an Instagram unfollow and a pair of tattoos, it certainly does look like Bella is working hard at moving forward with life!

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