How Do These Uber-Rich Celebs Keep Going Bankrupt?

24. This Star Is In Need Of Some Cheddar

Sinbad is an actor that appeared in a few 90’s hits such as Good Burger and Jingle All The Way, but he is still trying to master money management. Sinbad had to file for bankruptcy twice, and has owed the IRS over $8 million. That’s no joke when it comes to back taxes.

23. This Actor Spent His Life On The Silver Screen With Little Coin

Mickey Rooney has been appearing in films for a long time, but many would be surprised to find out he was forced to file for bankruptcy in the 1960’s. He passed away in 2014, but he was able to get back into financial shape before he died. His last movie was Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb with the late Robin Williams.

22. This Character Was Once Low On Cash

Gary Busey is an iconic actor, and one who has appeared in more than 100 films throughout his career. Busey got into a bad car accident in 1988 and was later diagnosed with cancer, and he racked up over a million dollars in debt. Busey still manages to make audiences laugh, which has allowed him to recover from his debt.

21. This All Star Just Couldn’t Stay On Top Of His Finances

Lenny Dykstra is a World Series champion, but he sure doesn’t know how to deal with debt. Dykstra’s financial situation was so bad that he resorted to a life of fraud, and he even decided to sell his World Series ring when he was strapped for cash in 2010.

20. This Playboy Model Didn’t Want To Pay Her Taxes

Pamela Anderson is a well-known Playboy model, and she was named on California’s list of top delinquent taxpayers in the year 2009. She owed over a half a million dollars in California state taxes and over a million in federal taxes. She was forced to put her Malibu home up for sale in 2013 to cover her owed taxes.

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