How Do These Uber-Rich Celebs Keep Going Bankrupt?

19. Tech Moguls Have Money Problems Too

Dan Marino was the NFL star turned tech company investor who put 14 million dollars into the company Digital Domain. Unfortunately, the company filed for bankruptcy shortly after, and he lost all of his investment. He will be fine with his NFL earnings, but losing 14 million in an instant is pretty rough.

18. Some Actors Let Their Earnings Get To Their Head

Actor Randy Quaid is renowned for his movie roles in the 80’s and 90’s, but after filing for bankruptcy in 2000, his life took a turn for the worst. He was arrested in 2012 for vandalism and became a felon. That’s a pretty big hit to his ego and bank account.

17. Even Our Ancestors Weren’t Safe From Debt

Mark Twain had to file for bankruptcy in 1895 due to a failed publishing company, but he was able to make a comeback through his new books and a speaking tour. It just goes to show everyone suffers from money problems, even those people we read about in history books.

16. This Football Star Put His Money In The Wrong Hands

Vince Young is an NFL star that let his uncle handle his football fortune, which led him down a path of financial destruction. He spent thousands of dollars each night he went to the club, and he defaulted on an almost two million dollar loan to finance his birthday party. His assets were seized, and he now signs autographs for extra cash.

15. This Young Pop Star Made It Big And Spent Bigger

The Backstreet Boys were a pop sensation in the 1990’s, and Nick Carter’s younger brother Aaron made something of himself. Unfortunately, Aaron didn’t think it was necessary to pay the IRS, and he owes over a million dollars to the federal government. He even listed his dog as one of his assets while filing for bankruptcy in 2013, and he now knows not to live larger than life.

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