The Voice Winner Sundance Head Didn’t Even Vote For Himself

Stunned that Sundance Head won The Voice? He is as well.

“I really was extremely stunned, on the grounds that the entire time, even myself, I anticipated Billy [Gilman] to win,” the 37 year-old “soul nation” vocalist tells E! News’ Erin Lim. “I truly needed W [McDonald] to win. I voted for her ten circumstances.”

Head, who was on Team Blake, was named the champ of season 11 amid the previous evening’s two hour finale, beating Team Adam’s Billy Gilman and Josh Gallagherand Team Alicia’s W McDonald for the title. Listening to his single, “Darlin’ Don’t Go,” which was enlivened by and composed with assistance from his significant other, it’s not hard to see why individuals experienced passionate feelings for him.

Indeed, even Head’s coach, Blake Shelton, didn’t wager on his colleague all together not to curse the likelihood.

“That is somewhat of a bizarre approach to do it, however I get it worked!” Head says. “He’s sweet, you know. He’s an extremely pleasant person. […] You see him on TV and you think, he can’t generally be that cool and that decent, and you meet him face to face and it resembles Nickelodeon throughout the day.”

Head would likewise be absolutely ready to sing at the wedding if Blake and Gwen Stefani ever have one, and has other thoughts for the couple, as well.

“I as of now told Blake it’s cool on the off chance that he needs to name his child Sundance,” he says. “It’s an awesome name.”

Look at the video above to hear more about what’s to desire Sundance, including potential joint efforts on his album!

It was a neck-and-neck race to the complete on Season 11 of The Voice with Team Adam Levine’s Billy Gilman going head to head against Team Blake Shelton’s Sundance Head for the title. After America had voted, the victor of the singing rivalry was Sundance who didn’t vote for himself! He really utilized every one of the 10 of his votes for Team Alicia Keys’ Wé McDonald.

“I didn’t think I would win in light of the fact that Wé and Billy had such a variety of more a great many individuals via web-based networking media on all platforms, and I truly misinterpreted the entire procedure to be completely forthright with you,” the Texas local told in this restrictive meeting. “I suspected that the web-based social networking criteria, essentially, would decide the result. I was totally off-base.”

It wasn’t that Sundance didn’t think he had done what’s needed to win. He trusted he had given a valiant effort. In any case, in thinking back, he trusts that in the last two weeks, his star rose since individuals were associating with a portion of the courses of action and tune decisions he had made.

What does it intend to you to be The Voice?

It truly implies a great deal to me. I generally felt that I could sing truly well and was a decent performer and craftsman. Individuals dependably let me know that back home, however I never had the chance to get on a principle organize and truly contend and showcase my capacities. So I took it as a superb test. To discover that possibly some of those people, who have been letting me know that the entire time, were correct makes me feel better than average. My better half and I, we’ve put a great deal of work into the music business attempting to make sense of things, and it’s likewise great to have a portion of the diligent work pay off.

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