Wearing Only Star-Shaped Nipple Pasties and A Blouse Kendall Jenner Braves Paris Cold

She never was bothered with the cold!

Anyone would agree that Kendell Jenner’s dressing style certainly seems to have turned a tad spicy if you had taken a look at the attire she had worn while stepping out in Paris on Saturday. She had worn nothing but a turtleneck blouse with bright, patches over her nipples.

A supermodel at the City of Lights for Paris Fashion Week, Kendell had decided to take some respite from the grueling walkway by spending a night out with her best friends. The 21-year-old Kendall topped it with a short, fur-sleeved jean jacket, a pair of fishnet leotards, high-waist trousers and sky-high heels. She used a pair of rectangular shaped shades and small leather cross body handbag to complement her stylish outfit.

Taking such risks in her dressing and fashion style is not something new for the famous star from the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She is, in fact, famous for carrying the nearly naked look even during her everyday routine.

Kendall had voiced her opinion about the influence for her devil-may-care style by writing a message on her website. The message stated that she did not see any reason for making such a big fuss about her going braless. She said that she thought it was rather cool and that she did not care as it was sexy, comfortable and that she was comfy with her breasts and that was it!

Her interview with Page Six in 2015 and her $2,000 nipple ring took the spotlight over the summer proving that she was moving into a risqué and defiant phase in her teenage years. Besides her devastating new wardrobe, Jenner seems to be making a mark on all the pathways of the Paris Fashion Week. Not only did she and her best friend Bella Hadid walk them for Givenchy on Friday, but she is sure to use the rest of her time in Paris to her best advantage.
Keep being yourself Kenny.