Bob Dylan To Skip Meeting With Obama

Bob Dylan, who was recently picked for a Nobel Prize for his contribution to the field of literature was invited by Barack Obama to attend a respected and prominent award function at the White House. This close knitted, elite affair was going to be extended as a part of a private discussion in the Oval Office along with few other recipients of the Nobel Prize, this year. Bob Dylan, was one among many invitees to this occasion.

Bob Dylan, however, turned down this invitation without citing any specific reason. Along with this. he also announced a no-show for the award ceremony for Nobel Laureates to be held in Stockholm on December 10th. On the other hand, for missing the latter, he did express his regrets to the Swedish Academy.

In response to Bob Dylan turning down this prestigious invitation, White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, had this to say, “Unfortunately, for those who wondering, Bob Dylan will not be at the White House today, so everybody can relax.”

In addition to this Mr. Earnest also mentioned how Bob Dylan will not be attending the award show at Norway. With a humorous touch he also added that perhaps the Norwegians’ hope to see Dylan give a speech and accept the prize will be met at some other time in the coming year.
Bob Dylan’s award for Nobel Prize in literature will be granted to him at an award ceremony in Stockholm.

However Dylan had graced the White House with his presence back in 2012, when President Obama had awarded him the Medal of Freedom. As per the records, the President had had a great time meeting and interacting with the singer-songwriter then.

Besides this incident, President Barrack Obama did meet the four other Americans who were picked to be the recipients of Nobel Prize this year; they were Oliver Hart from Harvard University, F. Duncan Haldane from Princeton University, J Fraser Stoddart from Princeton University, J Michael Kosterlitz from Brown University, respectively in the fields of Economic Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Physics.

On noting how all the Nobel Laureates had emigrated to the United States of America at some point, President Obama acknowledged that it is indeed the diversity of the nation that allows it to pool in the best minds, which in turn reflects the great uniqueness of the country.

As for Dylan, he barely acknowledged the award which he won for his book ‘Lyrics 1961-2012’. Moreover, he took more than a fortnight to express gratitude to the Academy for its kindness.

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