This Woman Has Been Receiving Government Assistance for 14 Years and Wants Taxpayers to Pay for Her Wedding


Meet Anna Broom, she has been on Welfare since she’s been 19 years old.

Anna recently met the love of her life and is asking the public to foot the bill for her dream wedding.  Here are Anna’s demands:

Anna is requesting at least seven thousand British pounds to pay for the above items.  Her dream is to have the wedding in an English Castle complete with a horse and carriage and a designer dress.  She also wants to honeymoon in Mexico.  And she wants Europe to pay for it.

“I’ve dreamed about being a bride since I was 12-years-old. I deserve a fairy tale church wedding and a party in a castle. but there’s no way I could afford it on benefits and I can’t work because I’m overweight.”


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Anna’s been living on public assistance successfully ever since she developed depression and lower back problems at the ripe age of 19.  These problems, along with an eating disorder, rendered her unable to work.

According to conservative writer Terry Jeffrey, there are “109,631,000 Americans on welfare, outnumbering the ‘105,862,000 full-time year-round workers in the United States.”  We wonder if Anna will convince the public to hash out thousands for the wedding of her dreams.


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