Women Betrayed Us – Madonna Blurts About Trump’s Win Against Hillary Clinton

Madonna opened up about her feelings on an interview for Billboard’s new cover story about the victorious Donald Trump in the recent presidential election. 

The magazine’s hailed Woman of the Year told how appalled she is at Trump’s massive female supporters, considering his unacceptable behavior towards women. Reportedly, the future POTUS has bragged about groping women’s genitals without their consent. Several women have actually stepped forward, accusing the man of sexual assault, following the leak of the Access Hollywood 2005 tape.

Her Madgesty feels betrayed by her fellow-women, pertaining to the insanely high statistics of women who voted for Trump accounting to around 53% of white women. As vocal proponent of Clinton, Madonna expresses what she thinks about women. It seems that by nature, women are not up for supporting other women, rather they hate each other. Sad but true. She tells how men protect each other, while women basically protect their men and children. Women appear to be tuning inward while men, in general, are more external.

The superstar stated that this is somehow rooted upon jealousy, factoring in the tribal inability to embrace that one of their own can actually lead a nation. There are people who did not even bother to vote, simply because they didn’t like either of the candidates. Some probably didn’t think that Trump had a chance. Madonna compares it to taking one’s hands off the wheel, and guess what happens? The car crashes. 

It’s not the first time the pop diva spoke her thoughts about Trump- the former Celebrity Apprentice host and anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant and racist rhetoric image exhibited in his campaign. On December 2nd, during her set at a Miami charity concert, she covered the 2003 hit Toxic by Britney Spears as images of post-election protests and Trump were flashing behind her. Immediately following the number, Madonna asks her audience if everything was OK. She goes on asking if she’s not being too opinionated, too extreme, or perhaps insulting anyone? She adds, “I must not be doing something right.”

The Grammy winner admitted in a chat with Billboard that she understands how Trump was able to defeat Clinton, after giving it some careful thought. In a way, it does make sense that Donald Trump is president. Why? Madonna implies that Americans opted for a successful businessman to run the country over a woman who lies. And because money rules- not intelligence, experience, a moral compass, making wise decisions, and neither does thinking of the future of the human race.

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