Has Zayn Malik Dedicated His ‘Love’ Tattoo to Gigi Hadid?

Zayn Malik may be using a unique and permanent method of declaring his love for Gigi Hadid.

It was while stepping out on Tuesday night in New York City that the 24 year old singer revealed that he had gotten a new tattoo to add to his existing body art collection. The new tattoo is the word ‘love’ in cursive writing, which was spread across the knuckles of his left hand.

It was while Zayn was stepping out into the Big Apple (Zayn’s Ocean’s 8 cameo filming location), and while he was concentrating on covering his face from the celebrity journalists, that the journalists managed to photograph the tattoo. The piece of ink art could be seen peeping out of his jeans pocket as he placed his hand in it, while wearing a torn black and orange sweatshirt and black shoes.

Many reports deduce that the tattoo was done by the famous tattoo artist Jon Boy based on the handwriting analysis and the fact that Zayn is in NYC, and because Joy had just tattooed a pair of angel wings on Bella Hadid, Gigi’s sister earlier that week.

It was only a day after Gigi had triggered some engagement rumours by stepping out into the city wearing a tiny ring on her engagement finger that the news of the tattoo was disclosed.

While the gold ring was too small and plain to signify something as major as an engagement, many people still wondered about its meaning. The main reason for the speculation was the fact that the two had already been together for more than a year, and their love seemed to be continuously growing for each other.

So it leaves us to wonder if Gigi’s new piece of jewellery and Zayn’s work of ink art related to the possibility of the couple hearing wedding bells in the near future. The only way we can find out the truth is by waiting!

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