Zayn Malik After One Direction Quit

Zayn Malik’s revelation about his improvement after Leaving One Direction has inspired many. He believes that he has grown as a person after leaving One Direction. This revelation might not sound good to the Directioners. But Zyan is really feeling good after taking such a decision. He left the One Direction for a good reason and it has helped him to be a better person.

After taking such step, this singer has received many offers that include the solo partnering with Taylor Swift for the Fifty Shades Darker. Besides, he started dating the most admirable lady and the hottest model in the industry. Though he has gone through all these phases, but still he is looking very cool and stable at this point of life.

The 23-yearld-old singer was very open about his personal and professional life at a show arranged in New York on Tuesday. When he got a question about his hometown, he revealed why that place is still important in his life. He said that he remembers his past and the birthplace and that makes him feel grounded. He gives all the credits to his parents, Yaser and Trisha Malik.

He said it is not easy for the parents to allow their kids to fulfill a massive dream. Normally parents do not support such dreams of their children. But thanks to his parents, who have become a motivating factor for him all the time. They have supported both in the failures and successes.

Malik also admitted that he became independent after leaving the hometown. His parents were also happy that their son was not stressed after leaving 1D.

He said he is enjoying his life and he is happy with his achievements. When he was working with a band, he was searching opportunities to spend time with the family. But now he is independent. He has own space and freedom to take his own decision.

In the recent past, he released a self-titled book. In this book, he has expressed some helpful ways to calm the mind and to get the peace that he was not able to achieve while working in the band. After leaving the band, he is truly enjoying the life and the freedom that he was looking for.

He said it is fun to remember all those things. But when you take such a step in your life, it can help you to make some positive changes in your life. He is content with his life now and he feels that he is making constant improvements with every passing day.

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